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Let us help you recover.

Post-hospitalization care following surgery may include complex wound care, medication administration, treatment administration, and regular physical therapy. Wound care specialists are experts in providing comfortable, high-quality, outpatient wound care that is customized to your unique physical needs. Postop Surgical Nurses from Competent Care Home Health will help with draining fluids, changing dressings, giving the patient the right medications, observing and making notes of the patient's progress, and communicating important recovery information with the surgeon or physician.

Wound care specialists are experts in providing: 

  • Wound care specialist is assigned to see the patient to address complicated wounds and ensure the proper treatment is provided to the patient.

  • The average wound care patients is treated 3 times per week.

  • Wound healing rate range from 1-5 months depending on the severity of case.

  • The Wound Care program has reduced patients’ condition from acute and sub-acute, and is successfully healing wounds and clearing infections. It also minimized the rate of being readmitted.

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